This book aims to reconstruct what life was like in the province of Sindh just before and during the Partition of India in 1947.  It has stories arising from childhood memories, and the narrative is coloured with relevant historical and contextual information.

In the weeks following Partition, most of the Hindus left Sindh. Many moved to Bombay, but the diaspora scattered to such an extent that Sindhis went on to make their homes not just in every town in India but in every major world city too. Most of them never looked back, intent on adapting to new situations and hardly ever thinking or speaking of what they had left behind. Soon they had established themselves and even improved their situation. Unlike the Jews and Tibetans, they cast aside their traditions too easily. Unlike the Palestinians, they tore themselves away from their ancestral land and focussed their energies on establishing themselves in other corners of the earth. Somewhat like the gypsy Romani, they did not know how many they had lost – because they had not counted in the first place.

This book celebrates the positive attitude of a community that focussed on getting ahead, leaving negative thoughts and feelings behind, with a spirit of enterprise worthy of praise.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thats a great literary work amounts worthy of welcoming praise in Sindhi – Indian book bank. As it mentioned in introduction, this book celebrates community;s positive attitude and leaving negative thoughts and feelings behind, certainly that makes a great relevancy with the Sindh and Sidhis in future.

  2. I read a part of this book while I was visiting India last month. Could you please let me know the name of the publisher and the ISBN# so I may order it directly form the publisher or from somewhere in the USA. Amazon only has the kindle version. I would like to purchase three or more copies of this book to give as gifts.
    Premu Advani, Milwaukee, Wi. USA

  3. 04.05.17 Hello friends, # I have read Mr Malkani’s book on Sindh, and have also gone through Saaz Aggarwal’s book & Nandita Bhavnani’s one. ( that info. is as a background) # I appeal to all of you to start a movement for electing Mr LK Advani as President of India. # Towrds this, I have prepared an Appeal, which I have been forwarding to various Sindhis & non-Sindhis. # If I can get any of your email IDs, then I can send this appeal. # In any case, I would request you to pl. take up this laudable cause yourself , and also tell your friends & acquaintances about it. – Subhash S.Naik, Mumbai.

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